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Everything a culinary enthusiast could ask for in a spice grinder.

The Kinu Saturn Silver spice grinders boast an all-metal construction, with all parts made of stainless steel, except for the funnel, which is made of anodized aluminum. This renders them some of the most solid spice grinders available, designed to last a lifetime.

Due to their clever design features and solid construction, the Kinu Saturn spice grinder models were selected by innovative British designer Sebastian Bergne for the special Solutions presentation at Ambiente 2024.

Special features of the Kinu Saturn include:
· a sharp stainless-steel 46-mm burr set, which does not simply crush your spices, but cuts them, allowing them to release all of their flavor, while also ensuring a fast and uniform grind;
· a clever funnel that doubles as a cover and easily opens and closes the grinder without being removed, keeping impurities away from the spices;
· a stepless adjustment system allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect setting to grind on;
· an estimated capacity of 140 g of peppercorns or 180 g of regular coarse salt.

The Kinu Saturn models are unique in the industry in terms of precision, sturdiness, design and build quality and they can be used to grind any kind of spice or seasoning.

All Kinu Saturn grinders come packed in an EVA travel case, where you will also find the instruction manual and a Kinu Certificate of Authenticity.
All grinders come with a 5-year warranty.

*The Kinu Saturn Silver and Black models are available separately, while the differing handle colors and materials help tell them apart when purchased together as a salt and pepper set.

Weight 1,250 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 13 cm